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4 Tips to use Salt for Beauty

16th October 2023 | 10 Views

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The best food without salt becomes unexciting and of no use. Salt gives your food a taste. Without this, you cannot even think of cooking any food. But apart from eating, you can also use it for beauty. You must know, with the help of salt, you can overcome the problem of dandruff. You should also know how to use it. But, if you do not believe this, do not use salt.

1. Face mask made from salt removes the dirt off your face and improves it. Mix one tablespoon of salt in two tablespoons of honey and apply it on the face. After ten minutes take a cloth and dip it in warm water and squeeze it. Keep it on the face for about ten minutes and then rub this mask and remove it. If there is no time, instead of putting this cloth on the face, wipe the mask with it.

2. Salt gives you relief from the problem of pimples. The calcium present in it also helps in removing the dirt by cleaning the skin pores. Make a spray by mixing one teaspoon of salt in half a quarter cup of water. Apply it on the affected area two times a day. This can also be used on skin, if it is oily.

3. To avoid the problem of dandruff and the smell of hair, you can use salt. To do this, after taking bath, massage on a wet head with salt. Leave it like this for ten or fifteen minutes and then wash it. This will also make your hair shine.

4. If you are troubled by yellowing of teeth, then use a paste made of salt. Add one tablespoon baking soda to one tablespoon of salt. Brush it with toothpaste and use two to three times a week.

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