Honeymoon Destination In Andaman

Looking For A Perfect Honeymoon Destination? Andaman Is Your Answer!

16th October 2023 | 6 Views

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Months before our wedding, we decided that we would be celebrating our honeymoon at the most captivating and couples favorite destination- Andaman. One of the most breathtaking destinations, blessed with deep blue sea, long white seashore, and romantic sunset, Andaman enchanted our preference towards this divine location. Before heading to Andaman, we listed different locations that are worth visiting and opted for the best Andaman honeymoon package. The 5 night 6 days Andaman honeymoon package we chose certainly helped in saving our money, which also included the accommodation giving us the beautiful sea view.

So finally wedding occasion was completed and we were all set to fly and eagerly waited to touch our feet to this heavenly romantic location, called Andaman.

Honeymoon Destination In Andaman

We took a flight from Bangalore and as our plane was flowing over the island, the bird’s eye view we got to see was nothing less than the divine experience. I captured every moment of this in my phone. As we touched at the Veer Savarkar Airport, Port Blair, we were sure that our honeymoon will be the most memorable one.

The Beautiful Journey is set to begin

Upon exiting the airport, the driver from the hotel was ready to transfer us to the hotel, which was approx. 20-25 min away from the airport. On the way, we came across some beautiful locations, villages and the bright blue sky was shining across. Upon reaching and freshening up, we rested, so that later we can start our journey to explore Port Blair and Andaman.

We were ready with the list of places to explore and more importantly the most romantic place for our first honeymoon dinner.

Stepping into the History

We were quite inclined towards exploring historic places first, before heading to beaches. Our day 1 started with Cellular Jail, one of the iconic places in Andaman. Our entry tickets were already booked to avoid last moment rush. The Cellular Jail is so huge that it took half of our day to explore and learn about its history. While we were exploring, my wife insisted me to click her standing behind the bars. It was fun to see her making a sad face while posing behind the bars. As the sun was setting, we were getting more excited. Why? Of course for the light and sound show that happens daily. It literally illuminates the jail beautifully.

We headed to the Sinclairs Bayview Hotel to finish our day with our first candle lit dinner. It was an amazing night and the food was really great. After a tiring day, we retired to our bed for a peaceful sleep.

Andaman Honeymoon

Cruise, beaches activities and more

The day 2 was decided to over to Havelock Island and exploring some beautiful beaches Andaman is blessed with. Our Andaman honeymoon package has the inclusion of all top beaches which are worth exploring. Upon cruising to Havelock Island, we were greeted with serene and the refreshing view. The dramatic cloud view was amazing to watch for. Although the October heat was hitting on us, the view didn’t deter us to explore. Our room at Havelock Island was already booked, so we checked in before setting off to Radhanagar Beach.

Clean and pristine, Radhanagar Beach is paradise for couples to spend a romantic moment. We were lucky to have fewer travelers on our visit. So we had an amazing cozy time together. It was fortunate that we booked 6 days of the Andaman honeymoon package because it gave us the chance to explore multiple places peacefully. We spent two days on the Havelock Island.

The Experience at the Havelock Island

The turquoise colored blue water is an experience to watch and walk along the seashore holding our hands. We not only explored Radhanagar beach, but also the Elephant Beach and Kalapathar Beach. We rented a bike to make our trip easy and hassle-free to explore the place. During our Radhanagar beach exploration, we tried different beach activities, but the most happening was the scuba diving. My wife told me that she wanted to do scuba diving for which she even tried swimming before the marriage. Even I was keen to do this activity but didn’t know swimming much. I didn’t think twice and said yes and headed for the scuba diving. After getting the instruction and gearing up, we along with the professional diver went deep into the sea.

Heaven, Yes! This is what you get to see when you dive deep into this sea. Initially, it was quite scary for me, but the paradise world beneath took my fear away. After hours of diving, I personally felt quite dizzy, so we went back to the hotel and rested. (For your information, if you are in Havelock Island, do visit Elephant Beach for snorkeling and trekking along with sea walking).

On the same night, we had an amazing Candle Lit Dinner near the beach, while listening to the lapping of sea-water nearby. If you are at the Elephant Beach and looking for an ideal lunch place, then Fat Martins Cafe (entrance of the Wild Orchid Resort) is the right option.

Our day three was dedicated to Neil Island cruising to which is itself a beautiful experience. Upon landing, the scintillating affair between the blue sea and blue sky is mesmerizing to watch for. After some photo shoots and exploring, we retired to our hotel post-dinner and had a peaceful and sleepy night.

Andaman And Nicobar Honeymoon

Exploring the Ruins of Andaman

After cruising back to Port Blair, the 4th day was dedicated to exploring the luxury ruins of Andaman Islands. Here, we would like to point that, if you are exploring the North Bay Island, never go for a glass bottom boat ride, even after getting insisted by boatmen. Since there is minimal underwater wildlife in Port Blair, you will hardly find anything to watch for.

We headed to Ross Island, which was once the house of British Officers, is now completely under the control of Indian Navy.

We rented a bike and explored every luxury part of the Ross Island. Ruins of beautiful churches, bakery, marketplace, etc. are worth exploring. At one place, we ended up taking a long walk to experience the calm environment of the island.

After a brief lunch, we went to explore 2 museums- Samudrika Museum and Anthropological Museum. We enjoyed spending our time at these museums.

It’s Shopping Time

On the 5th day of our honeymoon, we spent time at Port Blair to shop. My wife had a huge list of items to buy. Our Andaman honeymoon package provided us with a list of locations to shop at Port Blair. We headed to Aberdeen Bazaar, Sagarika Government Emporium, and Queen Sea Shell Craft. It was fun to shop wooden bowls, handicraft items, and shell jewelry. It was great to see my wife was really happy to shop for items to which she was looking for.

Before we packed our luggage, we took the last visit to Corbyn’s Cove Beach to watch the beautiful sunset. It was a perfect setting to bring our memorable honeymoon to an end.

Flying back to home

We had a flight next morning and my wife was quite sad to see we are leaving Andaman Island, the most pristine place on earth and head back to normal routine. During this entire honeymoon trip to Andaman Island, what I learned is, places like these really help to increase the bond between couples. When serene locations, good food, peaceful nights, and more importantly happening shopping area combined to one place, it becomes the best honeymoon location.

A small piece of advice from us, if you and your partner is looking forward for a honeymoon trip, then do book your Andaman honeymoon package in advance to have a stress free trip.

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