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5 Benefits of Rock Salt.

16th October 2023 | 11 Views

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Ayurveda   of the ways of treatment for various diseases that we suffer from time to time in our life. A lot of people believe in Ayurveda as a method of treatment for their diseases and follow it with regularity, especially in India. In accordance with Ayurveda, rock salt is very beneficial for the health. 

The use of rock salt is said to improve facial beauty. It is for the reason that there is no adulteration in rock salt. Most people do not know that using rock salt can get rid of many skin problems. In addition, it gives a glow to your face. 

So let us know about the five benefits of rock salt.

1. Remove blemishes and wrinkles: Rock salt is pure, so it does not harm your skin. It also removes pimples, wrinkles and spots from your skin.

2. Get rid of black heads: Massage the face with a few drops of lemon in rock salt to open the closed pores of the skin. This opens the closed pores of the skin and eliminates the problem of blackheads.

3. Skin whitening: Rock saltworks like magic on the skin. If you have tanning, then you can make a paste by mixing it with honey. Then apply it on your face. Let it dry. After twenty or thirty minutes, wash it with water. When you do this, it will bring back the glow to your face.

4. Hair shines: Apply rock salt mixed with shampoo and then wash the hair with cold water. Your hair shines because of this.

5. Beneficial in dry skin: As we become old, our skin becomes dry. Sometimes the effect of using more makeup is also visible on our skin. If you see any such effect on your skin, then adding rock salt in almond oil and applying it will benefit. 

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