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Missing Brain.

Charu Smita

16th October 2023 | 12 Views

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Why to study, if we don’t know anything,

What is wrong, with these formulas and everything?

I read very fast but understand nothing.


My parents says you didn’t miss your train,

But you did a mistake that you left your brain.

I run to the train to find my brain,

But when I reached there, the brain was drained.

Now what to do?

My brain was drained.

If I’ll return, they’ll slap on my face.

Then they’ll get me out,

And I will be on the lane..

I decided that I will full my brain,

My parents will not know that it was all drained.


I then went far through a train..,

The stopped at Diwana station,

I went out and got a new tension.

I don’t know how to fix memory,

Should I stick memory, with epoxy?

My brain was too small to fix it.

I went to a shop, the shopkeeper said that do you have money? And what do you want?

But I don’t have money, Is it my fault?

The shopkeeper said that have you lost your mind?

Don’t think that I am so much kind...

And then hopelessly I went from there slowly like a blind.


I reached at police station,

I filed complaint,

About my brain,

Then he got angry, And put me in the jail.

And now I am here, writing this poem .

My parents doesn’t care,

And they adopted a new DOG…Screenshot 2023 10 04 16 43 03 227


Charu Smita



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