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3 Benefits of Banana for Health 

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Rajaraman KLast Seen: Dec 2, 2023 @ 2:45pm 14DecUTC

Banana is a storehouse of energy and very beneficial for the body. Potassium is needed to keep the kidney healthy, which is found in plenty in bananas. If you eat two bananas regularly, then your kidney disease will be reduced by thirty three percent. Potassium is also found in sufficient quantity in bananas. It controls the blood pressure and heart rate. Iron and fiber content of banana increases the energy. So, banana consumption is beneficial for your body in every way. If you want to take more advantage of banana, here are the things you have to eat with bananas.

1. Banana and milk: Consuming bananas and milk together increases your bodyweight and new muscles are built. To gain weight quickly, you can eat banana with milk twice a day. This will increase your weight quickly and the body will also remain energetic. The magnesium found in bananas helps in the manufacture of muscles. Banana intake is considered the easiest and effective way to gain weight. So if you are troubled by your slim skinny body, then definitely eat bananas and milk from today.

2 . Banana and yogurt: In addition to nutrients, complex carbs and potassium are found in bananas. While curd is a complete food, protein, lactose, fat and minerals are found in yogurt. Yogurt is probiotic which increases the good bacteria in the intestine that greatly aids digestion. The same element found in bananas keeps constipation away. Bananas also increase your hunger.

3. Banana and honey: Bananas contain vitamin C which helps in combating colds, coughs and infections. Apart from this, it also prevents wrinkles on the face. Vitamin B in banana also helps to overcome problems like stress, sleeplessness and acne. Honey also contains Vitamin E which makes the skin smooth and supple and you stay young for a long time.

Rajaraman KLast Seen: Dec 2, 2023 @ 2:45pm 14DecUTC

Rajaraman K


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