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Ekta KalraLast Seen: Nov 12, 2023 @ 11:53am 11NovUTC
Ekta Kalra

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Written by Ekta K. Kalra

To convince 

or not to convince 

to Rise 

or not to arise 

to win 

or let go 


was never the way to decide 

let’s hope for the best 

hope that things turn worth 

was never the way to work

Where is responsibility dear 

in present life?

you need to work that strong 

that need of prayer is suppressed

 you have to accept what opportunities 

life has to serve 

you cannot sit and hope 

or do little 

and blame heavens there 

you have to work for rise 

arise from bed 

shouldn’t for you 


be a surprise 

where are you living 

on which land 

so much of laziness 

so much of dependence 

on heavens 

is obnoxious 

who are you 

don’t you have feet enough 

don’t you have hands enough 

brain enough 

why will heavens serve you 

on earth?

why will heavens serve

you on earth? 

rise up from bed 

nurture significance 

in your deeds 

wrongs must crush 

who made you lazy 

thoughts like

nothing can be done 

who put so many 

now don’t blame the world 

for you accepted 

come on now 

rise from the bed 

and prove life’s worth 

prove life’s worth 

Ekta KalraLast Seen: Nov 12, 2023 @ 11:53am 11NovUTC

Ekta Kalra


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