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Can we really buy happiness by money ?

16th October 2023 | 31 Views

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     Money and happiness are two different things but they are very closely related to each other. Some people say you can buy anything by money where others say you can buy everything by money but you can’t buy happiness. So is it true that money can really buy happiness ?

     There are two types of people. First one who thinks that money is the only way to fulfill everything in life. By looking a rich person they think that this person has a lot of money, and he can buy everything in his life. They think that the rich person is living a happy life. But they never think how much he is struggling in his life to live that wealthy life. This type of mentality is specially seen in poor or middle class family persons.

     Then comes to the rich person’s mindset. When a rich person see a poor or middle class family person’s smiling face he thinks that money can’t buy happiness for me. Because if money can buy happiness in life then, how the poor and middle class people are enjoying their life after so many difficulties. Some of them have not even proper nutrition, health care, education and jobs.

     So, coming to the point these two types of people only see each other’s happiness in two different ways. But we can say it’s not about money and happiness. Its all about the jealousness present in their mind. Because a rich person can’t digests the happiness of a poor’s lfe and a poor person always see the rich person’s money and life style. Both are jealous to each other’s happiness and money.

     But, if a rich man keeps himself in the place of a poor or middle class family person then he will know what difficulties they are facing in their day to day life. And a poor man have to know that money can buy things which can make us happy but it’s not the natural happiness which comes from our heart. So rather comparing and hoping more, we have to accept the present life’s condition and situation. So we have to be happy by accepting our present situation and what we had got in our life. So rather looking to other’s lifestyle, try to be happy from your inner heart and work hard to achieve more in life.

“You may buy everything by spending money but you can win the world by your smile and sweet words.”

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