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When will science get its deserved place?

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Ekta KalraLast Seen: Nov 12, 2023 @ 11:53am 11NovUTC
Ekta Kalra

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Written by Ekta K. Kalra

To run

to jog 

to return to practice 

Of efforts 

in keeping self fit 

is a bliss

 I too should do 


must do 

but to run 

for sports 

is an altogether 

different thing 

they value 

science less than sports 

they waste their life 

on an unimportant 


and an unimportant 


I shouldn’t learn 

from them 


I need to work on science 

for science solves 

even those mistakes 

which religion creates

science helps the foot 

that in sports go sprain 

Science inspects to find 

each man 

each woman 

must have at least some interest 

some respect 

for science 

when will science 

get its deserved place?

if we all were scientists 

from day one on earth 

corona would have never 

taken place 

no we don’t need lawyers 

so many 

no we don’t need so many 


everything works with little 

but not science 

science needs many 

in research 

the whole population 

today should focus on



Let sports medal go stale 

we are running a war with


we must win 

we must win 

then the climate study 

is science 

then the research in food 

is science 

then the healthy body 

is a gift of science 

not nature anymore 

above nature is 


for it has the strength 

to resolve 

with what mistakes 

nature has stood 

for years 

we don’t need technicians 

no we don’t 

we need engineers 

who can research 

each man 

each woman 

must think 

science be felt 

science be felt 

Ekta KalraLast Seen: Nov 12, 2023 @ 11:53am 11NovUTC

Ekta Kalra


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