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5 Effects of drinking more Tea 


16th October 2023 | 28 Views

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A cup of warm tea in the morning seems very fitting to start a long day. Without realizing, you drink it quickly and have the desire to add more. Although there are several benefits of tea, drinking too much tea can harm your health. The following are some things that can happen when you drink too much tea.

1. Reducing the absorption of iron:
Organic compounds found in plants present in tea called tannins can be attached to certain foods that are rich in iron and prevent its absorption. According to research conducted in the past, tea tannins are more likely to inhibit the absorption of iron derived from vegetable products. You must be extra careful, if you are a vegetarian.

2. Stress and anxiety:
Excessive caffeine is associated with causes of anxiety and stress. Tea leaves contain caffeine. So when you consume too much of it, it might make you anxious and stressed. Keep in mind that black tea contains the most caffeine than green and white tea varieties.

3. Lack of sleep: 
There are a number of things that should be avoided, especially before going to bed. Tea is one of them because it contains caffeine. Excessive intake can disrupt sleep patterns. Some research shows drinking too much tea can slow down the sleep hormone melatonin process.

4. Dizziness:
Although it is not very common, dizziness can also be a side effect of consuming too much tea, especially when taken on an empty stomach. Drink water and eat something to relieve dizziness.

5. Nausea:
When drinking too much tea in one gulp, it can cause nausea. Just like dizziness, nausea can occur when drinking tea on an empty stomach. Tannins leave a bitter and dry taste in the mouth. In addition, these substances can irritate the digestive tissue, cause stomach ache, and even headaches. 

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