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Harsh KumarLast Seen: Sep 28, 2023 @ 11:21am 11SepUTC
Harsh Kumar

Hello friends! let me introduce me: I am an inhabitant of Patratu, a small semi-urban area in Jharkhand. As you might be thinking,  that I would be MA or Ph.D that’s why l am writing the article . But you are wrong, l am simply a student of class 11th of DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL RANCHI. I am an author as well as spotify podcaster. I have passed my class 10th from DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL PATRATU. This article was written by me when l had passed class 9th.

Actually in my school, vacation was not given after annual examination. But, fortunately it has been granted this year to the lovely and creative creatures of god. So l thought to use my creativity and write something new. It so happened when l was in class 8th lockdown was prevailing in India , but hopefully our phones were not locked. I used to contact my English teacher “Miss Bipasha Ghosh” she inspired me to read books. Then I read 4 to 5 books and when this hobby of reading books converted into skill of writing books I myself don’t know . This is my first professional article , however at school level I had won many prize in story telling , writing and other literary competitions.

This article is related to social evil or say educational evil ,it is not caste system nor corruption it is about RANKISM it is nature of human being to provide rank to everything but after reading the article you will be in a position to decide whether it is right or wrong. As told earlier it is human nature to give rank to anything and everything when we are asked to do some household chores we always make a list and give a rank to the tasks on the basis of our priority. But more surprisingly in examinations also we are given rank I have never understood the need of giving rank to the students what does it mean ? It simply means you are giving them a position and in that ,one who is at last, is at last just because he or she does not understand science or  Maths or any other subject in a better way as compared to others who are standing ahead and I have never observed any benefit of this rankism because in my 11 years of student life I never saw 32nd rank student to attain rank 1 in the class. What does it mean ? Education system and its workers are selecting those students on which they do not have to add much effort and with a little effort they can earn 32000 to 40000 average salary per month and can fill their bellies and greedy human mind.  Except a few teachers I have never seen any one taking to the last rank boy and  trying to make him or her understand the topics and as a result of rejection they face due to rankism they get deviated from right track and get indulged in malpractices.
This was the consequence of ranking on the last rank holders. Now I want to share the problem of first rank holders. There is always a pressure on their mind to stand ahead in class and in every examination , they appear in their life. Most surprisingly their parents always want their ward’s name at the first place. Our India is at top in terms of agriculture, manufacturing ,economy, health etc. But,  never topped in terms of education because here becoming a Topper is the purpose. I am not saying that holding rank one is bad but my call is that what is the need of giving rank to students whenever a child takes birth in a family , it is said that he or she is the gift of God to the family and according to me this gift is precious to all and we’re giving rank to the precious gifts of God in doing so we are insulting God. I know when parents will read the article they will think I have written wrongly but I don’t care because India is free now there is no censorship.

Coming to next point, in India I think there are jobs available only for IITians ,doctors and upsc cleared candidates. Clearing these competitive examinations is really tough and is a great achievement too. You will also have job security after cracking these examinations. But what when you are not interested in this, you are not ready to do that. Then according to the society, your life is meaningless. But I must say pursue that field in which you are interested. often one person visit my house, once he asked me what my favourite subject was. I replied social science. He said it was Scopeless and I must try for engineering . And now according to our rich culture, when I touch his feet an unwanted blessing come to be an engineer I stopped touching feet!
Okay now another situation,  when you wanted to do this but was unable. Should you be broken from inside? I must say whatever we think or dream for cannot always come true. So, try for a better tomorrow.
What I am observing nowadays an improvement that teachers are also given training ‘how to teach students according to today’s scenario’. They are told to give emphasis on competency based education. Competency should be developed in the students not the thought of competition among themselves. Rankism has not developed now, it has been prevailing in education system since independence. It has passed from our fore grandfathers to our grandfathers and now to our parents. But I want this generation not to take it further. 
Earlier days, when British government used to give rank to people on the basis of their colour. People told it discrimination, they revolted against it. But now when our independent India’s education system is providing rank to God’s creative creature on the basis of some whole numbers. Is not it wrong? I think rankism is also one one of the gifts given to us by britishers when they left India. I think education system should search for talent, it should try to observe interest of students. It is not compulsory that one must be interested in science, one may be interested in literature also.
Teachers and parents can also play a major role in stopping this. If teachers start supporting students and parents start reducing pressure on their children. India may top in terms of education also.
It is not a question from my side to the education system but I am making education system remember its responsibility to provide quality education and support to each and every student irrespective of the fact whether the student or child is intelligent or not. You might be thinking it is a boring article , but I must say whenever you read this article read it as a student who does not want to pursue something but is forced to do so and then try to understand the gist of the article!
At last I want to request the students to fight the battle of rankism until it ends and to the education system as well as to the pillars of education system ,the teachers, to end this. Don’t judge a student’s career on some numbers, numbers are very dynamic, you don’t know when 0001 will turn into 1000 rank you can’t believe on them.
There must be a change in the society, country, system (whether it is education system or not) and its rules. Because, stagnant water has not the capacity to nurture a life whereas it acts as a source of many fatal diseases!


Harsh KumarLast Seen: Sep 28, 2023 @ 11:21am 11SepUTC

Harsh Kumar


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