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HSonam SinghLast Seen: Oct 4, 2023 @ 3:23am 3OctUTC
HSonam Singh

Dengue virus is a viral virus that causes dengue fever. When a person is infected with dengue virus, they may develop dengue fever. One of the main causes of dengue fever is the transmission of the virus through the bite of Aedes mosquito. When this mosquito smells the blood of an infected person from a healthy person and then bites another person, the virus is transmitted.

 Symptoms and types of dengue fever:

 1. **Common Symptoms**: The initial symptoms of dengue are common like pain in the brain, fever, chills, and itching especially behind the eyes.

 2. **Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever**: This is a severe form that can cause bleeding problems, such as nosebleeds, liver failure, and anemia.

 3. **Dengue Shock Syndrome**: This is a more severe form in which there is a drop in blood pressure and the condition of the person may become critical.

 4. **Dengue Severe**: This virus infection can cause severe infection and can be life threatening.

 Treatment and prevention of dengue:

 1. **Expert Advice**: Seeing the signs of dengue fever, a person should immediately consult a doctor.

 2. **Rest and stay fully hydrated**: Dengue fever has the potential to cause body damage, so it is very important to rest and drink water.

 3. **Use of Paracetamol**: Medicines like Paracetamol for fever and pain can be taken on the advice of the doctor.

 4. **Protection from Mosquitoes**: To prevent mosquito bites, use Viricide Mosquito Repellent and protect yourself from mosquitoes.

 5. **Cleanliness and Hygiene**: Keep water collection points clean and maintain good personal hygiene.

 Dengue fever can be serious, so consult a doctor.

HSonam SinghLast Seen: Oct 4, 2023 @ 3:23am 3OctUTC

HSonam Singh


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