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‘Last Day of My Collage’

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Zeeshan ShahzadLast Seen: Nov 14, 2023 @ 10:54pm 22NovUTC
Zeeshan Shahzad

                                            “Last Day of My Collage”

On the last day of my college, emotions rise, A bittersweet farewell, beneath the sunny skies. Through corridors we wander, memories entwined, In the halls of knowledge, where friendships we find.

The classrooms, once filled with eager minds, Now echo with laughter, as we leave them behind. The teachers who guided us, with wisdom so rare, Their words will forever linger, in the depths of our care.

The library, a sanctuary that nurtured our dreams, Whispering tales of knowledge, in countless silent streams. With books as our allies, we explored uncharted lands, Unveiling the mysteries, with our curious hands.

Oh, the cafeteria, where conversations did bloom, Laughter and discussions, that filled every room. From coffee breaks to shared meals, our stories unfurled, Creating bonds unbreakable, in this vibrant world.

The campus grounds, where we found solace and peace, Underneath the trees, our worries found release. We walked these paths, with dreams in our stride, Leaving footprints of memories, forever by our side.

Now, on this last day, we bid adieu, To the place where we grew, to the friendships we knew. But as we depart, let’s embrace the unknown, For our journeys continue, seeds of knowledge sown.

So here’s to the last day, a chapter now closed, With gratitude and hope, our spirits duly composed. For the memories we’ve made, will forever endure, As we embark on new adventures, confident and sure.



Zeeshan ShahzadLast Seen: Nov 14, 2023 @ 10:54pm 22NovUTC

Zeeshan Shahzad


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