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Silent Night’s Embrace

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C OneLast Seen: Oct 25, 2023 @ 5:17am 5OctUTC
C One

As the sun’s last rays softly fade,

And evening’s curtain is gently laid,
I prepare to embark on a nightly flight,
In the tender arms of silent night.

The world outside, in quiet repose,
Underneath the stars, it softly flows.
The moon, a guardian in the dark,
Casts a soothing, silvered spark.

In the hush of night, I lay my head,
Upon the pillow, I find my bed.
Nature’s symphony, a calming tune,
As crickets sing beneath the moon.

The cares of the day, I gently release,
As I embrace the night’s gentle peace.
In the heart of darkness, worries fade,
As I enter the world that dreams have made.

In the realm of slumber, I take flight,
In dreams, I find my endless light.
In the sanctuary of night’s tender grace,
I find my haven, my resting place.

The night sky, a tapestry of dreams untold,
In its vastness, my spirit takes hold.
In the realm of dreams, desires gleam,
In Silent Night’s Embrace, I dare to dream.

So, let the night be your soothing guide,
In its tranquility, your cares will subside.
In the gentle cradle of night, you’ll sway,
In Silent Night’s Embrace, you’ll peacefully stay.

C OneLast Seen: Oct 25, 2023 @ 5:17am 5OctUTC

C One


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