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Cosmic Whispers

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C OneLast Seen: Oct 25, 2023 @ 5:17am 5OctUTC
C One

Beneath the velvet veil of night, I stand,

Amidst the silence of the darkened land.
Above, the cosmos stretches far and wide,
A tapestry of stars, where secrets reside.

Each star, a beacon in the midnight sea,
A point of light, a celestial decree.
They flicker and shimmer, a radiant story,
Guiding our dreams to boundless glory.

The moon, a luminous pearl in the sky,
Casting its silvery gaze, oh so high.
It bathes the world in its tranquil grace,
A tranquil witness to the human race.

In the hush of night, nature’s song begins,
A nocturnal chorus where life always wins.
Crickets sing their rhythmic serenade,
While owls share wisdom in the quiet shade.

Fireflies ignite like stars in the night,
Painting the darkness with their soft, warm light.
In the heart of night, secrets softly swirl,
As the universe whispers to every dreaming girl and boy.

The constellations, myths and tales they weave,
In the boundless cosmos, they never leave.
Orion hunts with his celestial bow,
While the Big Dipper guides where to go.

In this cosmic theater, I lose my way,
Gazing at stars that forever sway.
The night sky, a gateway to realms unseen,
In the stellar chorus, I find what’s been.

As I stand beneath this infinite sky,
I’m reminded of how we all might fly.
In the twinkling stars, desires gleam,
In the cosmic whispers, we dare to dream.

So, let the stars be your celestial guide,
In their brilliance, our hearts open wide.
In the silence of night, we find our way,
In cosmic whispers, forever we’ll stay.

C OneLast Seen: Oct 25, 2023 @ 5:17am 5OctUTC

C One


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