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Whispers in the Night

16th October 2023 | 8 Views

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Beneath the obsidian canopy, the world retires,

As the sun yields its throne to celestial fires.
In the realm of shadows, secrets come to light,
In the quiet hours, we embrace the night.

The moon ascends with its silver, tranquil grace,
Casting a luminous glow on nature’s face.
Stars above, like diamonds, endlessly twirl,
In the vastness of space, a cosmic swirl.

In this nocturnal realm where dreams take flight,
The world transforms, bathed in silver light.
The city’s roar, now a muted refrain,
As the metropolis finds respite from its strain.

Beneath the velvet sky, a symphony unfolds,
Nature’s creatures sing in harmonious molds.
Owls serenade with their wisdom so deep,
While crickets in chorus their nightly secrets keep.

The gentle zephyrs, like soft caressing hands,
Whisper tales of distant and far-off lands.
The rustling leaves in the moon’s tender grace,
Tell stories of life, of birth and of grace.

The world wears a different, mysterious shroud,
In the stillness of night, both tranquil and proud.
In the heart of darkness, a canvas awaits,
For dreams and aspirations to unlock the gates.

In the quietude of night, we find our own pace,
A moment of solace, a serene embrace.
In the tapestry of stars, we seek our dreams,
In the whispers of night, life’s deeper seams.

So, let the night be your cherished friend,
A time to reflect, to renew, to mend.
In the nocturnal whispers, you’ll find your light,
Embrace the enchantment of the starry night.

Thank you for reading…..

C One



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