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Nocturnal Reverie: a night poem

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C OneLast Seen: Oct 25, 2023 @ 5:17am 5OctUTC
C One

In the velvet cloak of night, all is still,

The world hushed beneath the moon’s gentle skill.
A symphony of silence, a nocturnal ballet,
As the day surrenders, and stars come out to play.

The heavens above, a cosmic tapestry bright,
With constellations weaving stories in the night.
Each star, a glimpse into eternity’s embrace,
A distant memory of a celestial chase.

The silvered moon, a guardian of dreams,
Casting its glow in shimmering streams.
On the slumbering earth, a soft, silvery kiss,
As nature rests in tranquil bliss.

In the night’s embrace, secrets unfold,
As the world’s mysteries are slowly paroled.
Whispers of the wind through leaves in the breeze,
A nocturnal lullaby that puts the soul at ease.

Creatures of the night, in shadows they dwell,
Invisible tales that only night can tell.
Owls hoot in wisdom, crickets serenade,
In this symphony of night, all is softly laid.

The city’s heart, a constellation of lights,
A dance of fireflies on these urban heights.
Yet even here, amid the urban sprawl,
The night weaves magic, enchanting all.

In the stillness of night, we find our muse,
A canvas for dreams, where inspiration accrues.
In the depths of darkness, new visions take flight,
As the world slumbers, dreams burn bright.

So let the night be your silent guide,
Through the dreamscape where all is amplified.
In the nocturnal reverie, your soul’s delight,
Embrace the enchantment of the starry night.

Thank you for reading…

C OneLast Seen: Oct 25, 2023 @ 5:17am 5OctUTC

C One


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