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Faith EzekielLast Seen: Sep 15, 2023 @ 7:10pm 19SepUTC
Faith Ezekiel

I know it difficult to let go of the past especially when you are deeply hurt by the once you love,but here is what you should do to let go and stop your self from hurting more.

Be yourself cause it won’t be easy for won’t be easy if your hurt by the one’s you will keep thinking about them and you will get these jealous feelings whenever you see them.

you keep having flashbacks of those memories and it keeps getting worst if you see them happy without you,it ok if you feel frustrated because of their betrayal towards you.

honey compose yourself at the moment because that not end of life for have alot of things you’re yet to accomplish and achieve. don’t forget you promise to make yourself proud for you and your family.

honey life is a journey that changes every year so you don’t expect people to please you nor you pleasing anyone to look good,you need to stay focus because time is not your name.

honey you need people who you can confide in, people who can be proud of you and your lifestyle cause those are the only people who will never say thrash’s  things about you or behind you.

honey before letting new folks into your life observe them closely,listen to the kind of questions they throw at you before you open up about that situation you are about to let out so you won’t regret later.

honey go to places where you wouldn’t be constantly judge by your past actions cause that will have a great effect on your self esteem .

honey accept your new lifestyle and your environment including the friends you are about to make.

honey why not try new things like sport activities, cartoons, music, instruments , action movies and even attend a comedy shows.

honey have fun and do silly things that bring out the happiness in you.

Faith EzekielLast Seen: Sep 15, 2023 @ 7:10pm 19SepUTC

Faith Ezekiel


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