The Fundamentals Of Success

The Fundamentals of Success

16th October 2023 | 38 Views

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Success is one of the most searched words on web. Needless to say, why is it so. Before I dive right into its fundamentals, lets begin with its basic definition. Success in its simplest terms could be “The attainment of your desired goals.” Now, your desired goals could be anything. For someone it could be getting good grades in school and college, while for some other it could be getting a nice job, suitable life partner etc. The common theme running across all the goals is its achievement. If you achieve it, you are successful. Another point to consider here is that goals keep changing with time and situation. When you achieve one goal, you move on to the next one. And, the goals you have right now, you may not have those in future when your circumstances change. I will get into the details of how goals change and how to set effective goals in some other blog so keep visiting my site.

Let’s dive right into the fundamentals of success. There are many factors that combine to make you successful but its three basic attributes are commitment, perseverance and consistency.



 “Most people fail not because of a lack of desire but because of a lack of commitment.”

                                                         ——Vince Lombardi


If you are committed to do something and you are consistent in your efforts and willing to persevere through the dark times, sooner or later, you will become successful. Most of the people ignore these basic ingredients from their recipe of success, hence their ‘goal dish’ remain bland. They don’t understand that until and unless, you don’t commit to something, you are not going to come out of your comfort zone and do whatever it takes to achieve that. A question to ponder here is – “Can you place a bet on the success of any person who is not willing to commit and only giving half-hearted efforts? The point is you have to decide what you want and then be fully committed to it despite failures because those who persevere and remain committed to their goal finally achieve it.




Success is nothing but a series of failures persevered through.



The next fundamental of success is perseverance. If you are willing to see through the dark times, you surely will see the sunshine.

Persevere through failures and the day will come when failure will fail and your efforts will succeed. Most of the people give up the moment they encounter their first failure. They are not willing to carry through tough and turbulent times. All they want is success served onto their platter of comfort zone. But, if you are willing to succeed, you have to be ready to pay the price for it. Just carry on long enough and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.




“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.”

                                                                           ― E. James Rohn

 Consistency in your efforts is a must if you want success. If you are not pursuing your goal consistently, you are destined to fail. If you don’t consistently work on your dream, how can you expect to achieve it?

Consistency could be regarded as an offshoot of commitment because if you are committed you will be consistent in your efforts. But, it is important to underline it purposely because a lot of people live in the fallacy of being fully committed and yet lose consistency due to urgencies of life and ultimately lose focus and their commitment goes for a toss. They lose their path and get off-track and get into the self-pity zone which is a very dangerous place to be in as far as success is concerned. An apt example in this regard is one which almost all of us could relate to – Imagine you enrol in a gym and make a commitment to build a good physique and you go to gym regularly but you are out of the city for a few days and when you return you find about your friend’s marriage and wife’s pregnancy, some other problems in your work life arise and you are not able to maintain regularity in your gym, do you think you’ll be able to remain committed for long? Slowly, you will lose focus and give up on the goal itself and may indulge in self pity such as you have all the problems in the world so you cannot take out time for gym etc.


So, dear readers be committed to your goal, persevere through the dark nights and consistently work towards your goal and you can achieve just about anything.

Until the next blog, enjoy your life and make it better because YOLO.

Lok Nath



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