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16th October 2023 | 7 Views

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Hi there!

This is my first post on Milyin, Mind Surgery is a Catholic service provider, neither medical nor licensed, based in California.

I discovered that we human can move some brain areas at will like a muscle to perform memory operation. This changes everything.

With these brain-muscle operations, I have removed thousands of mindsets, deactivated traumatic triggers, and split memories in my own head and those who received my assistance; each takes only 5–15 seconds. This has led all of us to be freed of pet peeves, muscle cramps, depression, unwanted stress, automatic behaviors/addictions, and anger to achieve child-like freedom and calmness in various environments: executive leadership, school principals, entrepreneurship, extreme poverty, severe sickness, broken relationships, disastrous situations, facing assaults & crimes, and many others.

Mapping All Mind Functions

We have mapped mind functions and developed visualization techniques tied to how brain muscles tweak memories. As of Aug 2023, we’ve still seen a constant success rate from more than 1500 subject cases from diverse dozen participants. We believe it has to be universal, reproducible, outcome-based predictable, and checked against all odds. It was an accident, a blessing, and a deep observation that led me to the ability to remove anything I didn’t want from my brain at any time. And I am here to help you. The only barrier to healing is openness to trying and recalling the correct memory.


Brain Muscles

A few decades ago in Jakarta, I, Darren Gozali, experienced sharp pains in my brain from holding in my intense rage. Since then, I have had to frequently focus my mind on my brain, worrying the worst. At the University of Michigan, I noticed that on a brain citi scan of a person marked in red when performing a specific action, the area in my brain that slightly moved when I tried to perform that same action, such as smelling or focusing on hearing. So what? It seemed useless at that time to MRI your own brain.

Accidental Discovery

With an inner healing background from leading a lay Carmelite, I ministered free inner healing sessions for entrepreneurs, employees & business partners. However, I went through several calamities in the process where neither the psychologist nor the inner healing were of any help. Each person undergoing a session showed mysterious imaginary patterns. Focusing on those weird patterns & tracking every tiny movement in my brain, I meticulously mapped each muscle movement that add, retains, alters, and detaches memories. It turns out my mapping works universally. People who tried were confused about how a couple of their pet peeves & unresolved issues from year-long therapy sessions disappeared after one session.

Change Myself Before Offering To Others

I embarked on an inner journey to modify my brain so nothing would trigger even the slightest cramp or pressure in my body. After a few years, I feel so free and don’t really want anything, albeit not perfectly, and cramps from ulcers or other causes can be removed. I see meditation, medication, coping, and holistic practices as suppressing or bending our emotions, not curing the cause. I have been helping people in California and Indonesia; a few have asked to be trained and possibly join me.


We learned so much about mind operation, from how to make those who hate math suddenly good at it to removing unwanted thoughts, depression, or other brain-related cramps. The way we conduct the service is mainly via video call.
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Truth will set you free.
Mind Surgery



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