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Hopeless Romantic

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Renuka KLast Seen: Dec 5, 2023 @ 9:38pm 21DecUTC
Renuka K

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🤩🤫👀💫✨🌟 Love is in your Mind! 😂

Hey there how are you?

I have listened that you got a new hue.

Your life has become excited again,

Don’t be shy come on share the name.

Your eyes search for that soul all the time,

Even in the worst,their presence is outlined.

You become childish and estrange,

Life has now meaning,defined by their gaze.

Finding them everywhere,becomes your new snare,

Oh who got you smiling like that, that’s so rare.

To talk to them is not so possible,

Cause you are not too feasible.

I know even if they like you back,you will say ‘No’,

You lack commitment,am I right though?

Just stare and stare at them is all you wanna do,

Sometimes you find your life satirical with full blue.

You cherish the day and night,you enjoy the most,

Living life to its fullest,because you got it on hold.

If you start to not find peace,if they ever reverted back,

Losing interest is all I see left in your stack.

No worries at all,if the ‘essence’ of life fades away,

A new wave will rise again with full force of sway.

Renuka KLast Seen: Dec 5, 2023 @ 9:38pm 21DecUTC

Renuka K


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