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Angel of Death.

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There will be no “hello’s” or “tomorrow’s”.

All there will be left is sorrow.

The malevolence in your eyes has never been higher.

You know, I know, you will light everything on fire.

Drowned in each other, we will be consumed by our desire.

With us, the flames of destruction rising higher and higher.

No more laughter to be found, only tears that are being shed.

The world will be in chaos, everything around us filled with dread.

Trapped in a cycle of pain,

No respect, no money, nothing left to gain.

Past and Present, in our hands to be controlled.

The future growing, with a story untold.

Poetic NymphLast Seen: Sep 12, 2023 @ 12:16pm 12SepUTC

Poetic Nymph


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