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 Blood & Hematology

The human body is made up mostly of water; ~60 – 65% (40 L)

Body’s transport system plays key role in balancing fluids in the body’s


river of life” Marieb 

strictly speaking, blood is not a “body fluid” like tears, mucous, or saliva or


it is a living tissue consisting of cells within a liquid ‘matrix’

Average person (150lb) has ~4.8 L of blood = 8% body weight

loss of 15-30% of blood pallor and weakness

loss of >30% severe shock, death

arterial blood: bright red = oxyhemoglobin

venous blood: darker red


plasma 55% of volume

formed elements 45%

=RBC’s, WBC’s, Platelets


the liquid part of blood

clear straw colored fluid

plasma consists of liquid solvent mostly water

and solutes without the formed elements

93% water

7% solutes

1000’s of different solutes

most solutes are proteins (=plasma proteins)

also: salts, ions, gasses, hormones, nutrients, wastes, enzymes

some of virtually every chemical found anywhere in the body

can be found in the blood 

project now underway to identify every chemical in blood

serum = plasma with clotting factors removed

plasma proteins (8% of blood):

most proteins in blood do not readily pass through capillaries into

interstitial spaces

1. albumins

(with other proteins) contribute to viscosity, osmotic pressure

& blood volume

helps buffer the blood

transports many solutes by binding to them:

eg. drugs, penicillin, pigments, fatty acids, bile salts

2. globulins

some are antibodies, part of immune system

some help transport solutes

some involved in clotting

3. fibrinogen

soluble precursor to fibrin = framework for clotting

Formed Elements

about 45% of whole blood

erythrocytes (RBC’s) –most, 45%, of formed elements

leukocytes (WBC’s)

thrombocytes (Platelets)

all three are produced by stem cell


main job is to carry oxygen to cells

also deliver some carbon dioxide to lungs

most abundant of the three types of formed elements

99% of formed elements; ~5.5 mil/µl (µl=mm3)

equivalent to 2.5 trillion blood cells in whole body

Film SeriesLast Seen: Sep 19, 2023 @ 1:50am 1SepUTC

Film Series


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