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Rishika RoyLast Seen: Sep 9, 2023 @ 7:49pm 19SepUTC
Rishika Roy

🖤My moon🖤

Ur like moon, so bright full, shining in my life, Still far away for me, and not even mine.
The scars,the quietness of yours i fell in love with,
The one who was never treated good,
Here I tried to be the one for you.

I was always the sunshine in your life
U used to shine with me,
U looked happy with me,
U looked beautiful with me,
Even if u had thousands of scars.

Yes, i was burning,suffering like the sun
Just to make u shine,
To make u fall in love with yourself including your scars
U never knew the pain i was suffering to make you happy.

Guess what? I am still left out.
I am still not enough for you,
U had scars and so I
U had pain and so I
U were lonely and so I

Atleast u had a person like me in your life,
But oh! I forgot! 
I am never enough for anyone.
I am never trusted by anyone.
I am never understood by anyone.

I was always meant to be the one suffering,
Left out, lonely and make everyone happy.
This is what I was born for to.
Did a lot for you,for everyone
Still I am never appreciated like the sun and always hated.

People can just see my scars
But can never understand I am the one
I am the one to make them happy,
To make them suffer less in many ways
By the way, u looked beautiful only with me.

Now when I am gone, left out by you,
U can feel that there’s no more sunshine in your life
No more beautiful you are as u used to be
Not happy enough without me,
Even when you found your new sunshine.

But darling I have a question?
How can you be so ungrateful?
So ungrateful that you found thousands reasons to leave me,
Without even knowing a single reason wasn’t real.
Silly me, I forgot it’s only okay when you do it

It’s only okay when u have scars,
It’s only okay when u do wrong,
It’s only okay when u are leaving.
Only u are appreciated , not me
It’s not okay but still it’s okay

Wishing a good luck
Good luck to your new life,
With your new sunshine,
Hope you end with eachother
But one day you will realise and it’ll be too late

Rishika RoyLast Seen: Sep 9, 2023 @ 7:49pm 19SepUTC

Rishika Roy


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