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Who suffers the most and why?

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1.  The one who understands more leads to more suffering;

2. The one who gets everyone and their problems tends to get more sufferings;

3. The one who gets tremendous hate or judgement but chooses kindness and compassion over everything, gets more suffering;

4. The one who chooses to go beyond and tries to do something for everyone around him or her tends to get more sufferings;

5. The one who tries to break generational trauma and breaks the cycle of giving your emotional baggage to another generation faces sufferings;

6. The one who wants to change the world by setting his or her example and not just by giving endless of gyan (advices) tends to get more sufferings;

7. The one who can’t see anyone in the same pain as they have gone through, end up getting more sufferings;

8. The one where the person has gone through a lot a many stuffs and knows how is it to be like in it, chooses to suffer more because he or she will always be in some kind of trauma or something;

9. The one where we can’t see the sadness of people and we want everyone to be happy always, end up getting more sufferings;

10. Last but not the least the one who overthinks and overthinks about every damn thing, even if it’s silly. This person makes the worst scenario in their head and keep thinking about the worst possibilities even before something could go wrong.

Overthinker are the ones who suffer throughout the process until and unless they get someone who can make them feel valid about it. And tries to keep them calm and resolve the issues going on their head.

Any category mentioned above is like having an inner fire inside your body constantly being hard on your own self. It’s like being self-sabotage about our existence or presence.

Nevertheless one can overcome any of the sufferings if the people around them is good enough to take good care of them. It’s definitely not a choice to be like this, but a kind of obligation of our past make people the way they are.

So, if you find any kind of people mentioned above, please handle them with care. Make sure you speak more valuable and necessary in front of them. Your words impact them a lot. Make sure you choose kindness when you’re around them after all such people make this world worth living…

Thank you for reading, Wish you the best.

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