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Sometimes you are just aware of something so we’ll,that you ignore it .what the hell I am talking about..Well surveillance hey ,not the pegasus one that’s something more “official” so leave that😅.have you ever thought how come you just start getting pizza adds on YouTube, insta ,Facebook even on random sites just  after  you order one a day or week before. Do you get that google map review straight up on email at the month end ..o cmmon Google why would I even want to remember that I visited shama hairdresser or sat pal Street food last week.leave me alone you digital sneaking neighbor!!. Well,it is useful sometimes usually for investigation, defence,but not always ..we are not living in 221 b Baker Street for god know what I mean right here is my rant that our “privacy”is  more or less an illusion. Well who does really care about it when everything and everyone is on ig and fb..

Well solution..I think be just aware while being social right ..because is hearing….

shivangi viragLast Seen: Sep 13, 2023 @ 2:39am 2SepUTC

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