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Sukarma TharejaLast Seen: Nov 30, 2023 @ 10:08am 10NovUTC
Sukarma Thareja

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In our school every Saturday students get  time for# co -curricular activities.Our students decided to have discussion on topic”what are three decisions which are important for life”. Students came out with many choices.For same I wrote small article to #educate my students.The same I am listing below for my esteem readers.

In my opinion below listed three things are very important for individual to lead well# balanced life.It is a world of #science and technology .#Youngsters are involved with work of #information technology .Every individual spends nearly 10–12 hours of her/his day, working. I believe one’s work therefore, should be something one love or at least like.Therefore please do make choice of your work wisely.

Recent advance research studies are showing that human # happiness depends primarily on the quality of relationships one has.It may be with wife/husband,boss,friends and other  family members.It is a fact one does not choose the family one is born into, but one do choose ones partner.It is advisable to choose ones life partner who is #compatible with ones value system.Please do not make this special choice in hurry.Please take your own time to take this important decision of life.

In day to day life one has to take small decisions every now and then.Sometime one take these decisions under# social pressures.Please do take these small decisions of every day towards living a #healthy life – This is about working out, #eating well, and sleeping.Though these decisions look small, if not taken in right direction in right time one will face serious consequences of same.

I think above listed three decisions are far more important than anything else in life.

Sukarma Rani Thareja

Alumnus IITK 1986


Web site-sukarma thareja


Sukarma TharejaLast Seen: Nov 30, 2023 @ 10:08am 10NovUTC

Sukarma Thareja


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