Be careful if it looks hazy! Not only eyes, these diseases can also be at risk

16th October 2023 | 17 Views

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The negative effect of a poor lifestyle on the eyes is also increasing rapidly. This is causing many diseases related to the eyes. Nowadays, the problem of blurred vision has started coming to the fore at an early age. According to experts, it is common to have many problems in the eyes due to wrong eating habits, but eye problems do not always cause such problems. In some cases, it has also been found that many serious diseases can also cause problems related to the eyes.

   Be careful if it looks hazy

   Due to eye diseases, light cannot be focused properly, resulting in blurred vision. Smartphone vision syndrome has also started creating this problem among the youth these days. However, the problem becomes more serious when the eye does not heal even after treatment. In such cases, a doctor should be consulted immediately, as it can be a symptom of many serious diseases.

   These serious diseases can cause blurred vision

    much screen time

   If you sit in front of the screen for a long time,  es get focused on it. Lowering the eyelids reduces the amount of tears that lubricate and refresh the surface of the eye, leading to blurred vision. That’s why it should be avoided.

   sugar level

   Uncontrolled sugar level leads to eye problems and blurred vision. In most cases, this problem subsides once the glucose level returns to normal. Diabetic patients are prone to retinopathy, bleeding in the back of the eye, and other ey your e problems. That’s why diabetes should be kept under control.

blood pressure

   High or low blood pressure also causes weakness and dizziness. It also affects the eyes. If the blood pressure is low or high, then take the medicine at the right time. Cardiovascular problems also cause blurred vision.


   About a quarter of migraine sufferers have blurred vision. While looking at it many times it seems as if we are looking at water or broken glass. Even the eyes may be in pain when there is a headache.  can also cause this problem. Psychosomatic disorders of migraine require specialized treatment.

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