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Hema Singh

Whenever we talk about calories for weight loss, only one thing comes to mind how important is exercise and how important is food, Of course, Eating is very important as more calories can be controlled.

to walk

   People do walking exercise, it is a very good exercise for weight loss, it should be done, but today I want to tell you that if someone walks for 30 minutes then how many calories can be burnt.

If someone spends calories then only he will lose weight. An average person needs 1600 calories.

 Which activity burns how many calories

   A sitting person burns 1.5 calories in 1 minute

   A sleeping person burns half the calories in 1 minute

   A person who is standing expends 2 calories

   A person walking slowly burns 3 to 4 calories in 1 minute.

   Jogging burns 8 calories in 1 minute

   Thus, a person running at a moderate pace can burn 165 calories in 30 minutes, while a person sitting for 30 minutes can only burn 30 calories in half an hour. Burns over 135 calories.

   Thus, we may lose some weight by walking, but this weight is put back on by eating high-calorie food.

   As I said earlier all these changes happen by eating, I will tell you that a roti provides up to 100 calories, and a tea biscuit provides 50, or 60 calories, and we can do this by eating sweets like Gulab Jamun. Get 200 calories from

   The conclusion here is that the calories we spend in walking can be easily obtained, so how do we lose weight?

   Along with walking, eating low-calorie food can help you lose weight easily.

Now what are these low-calorie foods —-

   Like juices, fruits, salads, and vegetables without oil

   Roti is a high-calorie food whereas fried is a very high-calorie food.

   Thus, eating low-calorie food along with walking to lose weight can help you lose weight fast.

   2. Benefits of walking

   To keep the body fit everyone advises walking just 30 minutes every day. Regular morning walk is the easiest way to keep the body healthy. Because morning walk is easier than exercise or gym activities. The benefits of regular walking are good for your physical health as well as brain health. The benefits of daily walking are heart health, improving metabolism, and reducing obesity. Men and women of all ages should walk regularly. Brisk walking can enhance your fitness level and health.

   You will be surprised to know that walking or walking is a unique technique. Which benefits the whole body and mind. It is not only free but also easy.

   improves digestion

   Regular walking for 30 minutes a day not only reduces the risk of colon cancer in the future but also improves digestion and constipation. Which helps the body to control bowel movement.

Regular walking every day strengthens the muscles of your body. But walking for at least 30 minutes in the morning is also beneficial for your mental health. Because there is more pure oxygen in the fresh and clean air of the morning. In addition, people feel more pleasant and have more energy after a morning walk. If you want to get rid of problems like stress and depression, then start walking every morning.

Hema SinghLast Seen: Dec 5, 2023 @ 2:12pm 14DecUTC

Hema Singh


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