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Introduction of clove or what is clove?

   Clove is a special aromatic and versatile herb. It is prepared by drying the flower buds of the clove plant. Simply put, the cloves we use are dried flower buds. Dry curry and its powder are available in the market. Clove is used as a spice and as an Ayurvedic herb to treat many health problems.

 What are the most important Ayurvedic ingredients in clove?

Cloves are rich in protein, iron, carbohydrate, calcium, and sodium acid.

Clove benefits and home remedies

Clove is used around the world to treat several health problems and their symptoms. However, the effect of cloves on the body may vary from person to person, so cloves should be used as a treatment for any disease under the supervision of a doctor.

Treat mouth problems with cloves

1. Clove and its oil contain several compounds that are capable of killing bacteria in the mouth. Toothache, gingivitis, and bad breath can be relieved by consuming cloves. Nowadays, there are many products made of clove in the market, which are used to treat oral problems.

 2. Cloves reduce the symptoms of diabetes

According to a study conducted on rats, cloves contain a special substance called nigericin, which reduces insulin resistance in muscle cells. There have also been other studies on rats, in which clove or its compounds may help lower blood sugar.

3. Consumption of cloves prevents cancer

Cloves contain a variety of powerful antioxidants, which help protect cells from damage. The lower the rate of cell destruction, the lower the risk of cancer. Another study was also conducted in which various compounds present in clove oil were found to have the ability to prevent breast cancer.

4. Obesity goes away by consuming cloves

 Studies have shown that fat storage can be reduced to some extent by the consumption of cloves. In a study done on rats, it was found that the rats who were continuously given cloves had less body fat than the other rats.

5. Cloves reduce the risk of liver disease

According to some studies on cloves, eating cloves keeps the liver healthy and as a result, reduces the risk of liver diseases. One study found that eugenol, a substance present in cloves, reduced the symptoms of liver cirrhosis.

6. The use of cloves is beneficial in eye diseases.

 Grind cloves in a copper utensil. Mixing it with honey and applying it to the eyes provides relief from eye diseases.

7. Benefits of using cloves in dental disease

The benefits of cloves are also found in dental diseases. Apply clove oil on a cotton swab and apply it on the teeth. This gives relief from toothache. Toothworms also die from this.

8. Consumption of cloves is beneficial in asthma.

 The benefits of cloves are also found in asthma. Take an equal quantity of cloves, fig flowers, and black salt. Grind them and make gram-sized tablets. Asthma and breathing diseases are cured by sucking it by keeping it in the mouth.

9. Benefits of clove in Hindi to cure cough

Roast 3-4 pieces of cloves and grind them finely. Licking honey mixed with whooping cough is beneficial.

10. Consuming cloves in fever is beneficial.

Grind cloves and small chilies equally. Mixing this powder with half a gram of honey and licking it morning and evening ends with fever and physical weakness.

Hema SinghLast Seen: Dec 5, 2023 @ 2:12pm 14DecUTC

Hema Singh


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