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16th October 2023 | 10 Views

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Do not eat much at night, if you want to eat then eat in the afternoon. If you eat too much at night you won’t ejaculate, will you? Do you understand semen? If sperm comes out of the blood, what will happen to that sperm? There are seven metals in the blood, aren’t there? One of them makes bones, one makes flesh, and the other makes sperm. The last condition is semen. Semen is called Pudgalsar. The essence of milk is called ghee, similarly, the essence of food consumed by him is called semen. What is the nature of the mind? Mind is contradictory. It will show you both the idea of ​​celibacy and the idea of ​​marriage.

   So how can my mind help me to practice brahmacharya? If you decide to observe Brahmacharya and what will happen, the mind will be mostly still. This steadiness will help in practicing celibacy.

   If you want to observe Brahmacharya Vrat then you have to be determined. If the mind tells you to get married, then she will also call you. If the mind shows you the thought or idea of ​​marriage, you have to resist. By doing this the mind realizes that now there is no one to listen to me. So let’s pack our beds and get ready to go to another village. When it is disrespected, things get better, because the mind starts coming under your control.

   When can the mind be conquered? When can the mind be conquered? When you see the eye, immediately remove all the things from the mind, understanding that it is getting attracted towards the mind. If the mind refuses to come here, then break it too. The mind seeks ways to escape. The mind wants to go where there is no difficulty. If things don’t go according to your wish, then everything will be fine.

   Your determination to practice brahmacharya is in line with your goal of attaining perfect brahmacharya. Your determination depends on your goal. Have to do according to today’s decision. Today we have to work not according to the planning of the mind but according to our planning. Otherwise, the goal of celibacy will not be achieved.

Hema Singh



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