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                          I am running….

I am running…..

Running since my birth,

Running since I took my first breath…. 

Never finding the comfort of a hearth.

I am running for comfort

I am running for stability

I am running to sustain my life

Never achieving it with my ability!

I am running to be normal

But also to be an exceptional,

I am an example of dilemma        

Born with a curse to be emotional.

Since it is weakness to be outspoken

Since it is madness to be helpful

Since it is laughable to be emotional

Since it is crime to be faithful

I am running since eternity

I will run until the end of eternity

Never finding the peace in the abyss

As I lack the courage to achieve it!

Sanika KaradeLast Seen: Sep 10, 2023 @ 5:42pm 17SepUTC

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