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In my school# staff  room once there was discussion among teachers that how# online shopping some time can be very tiring. To illustrate this point I wrote small article entitled”Trick to save Energy” and pasted on #notice board of school to enlighten my able students .Same I am listing below to help my esteem readers on

In this world of science# technology every one is opting for online shopping. One #searches so many #sites and look for review and compare prizes of product in which one is interested.I find this# decision making exercise mentally# taxing exercise. and this adds to undue stress.

I am woman  and mom of two teen age kids and I know when I cook I have to take care of liking of each family member.Moreover sometimes there are limitations of particular family member not able to consume particular food because of# medical ailments.I take special care of the same while cooking.That increases my number of decision making# frequency which put #strain on my brain.Sometime I feel  mentally# exhausted.I question myself that I must reduce this exercise,but no way I have to do it as I am# home maker.

It is a known fact that in middle class society in India a woman is evaluated by her #sense of dressing. I am working woman and sometime I face this type of decision making exercise”What do I wear today”. What do I do now. This all impacts my personality and my life.Due to this decision making #dilemma I get mixed feelings of being# frozen.That effects my #emotional health.I feel drain in my body energy.How to decrease frequency of my decision making,I ask this question to myself.Where I am taking my life to next?

I understand there are obviously decisions that need to be taken within a certain# period of time, but those are few. The regular decisions sometime involve# instincts and emotions .

I have realized I must minimize the number of decision making in my day to day life.To resolve this issue I spend 40 minutes once a week to decide ” what to wear” and arrange my #wardrobe accordingly. To resolve issue of where do I take my life  level next,I # meditate twice a week.This exercise is helping me to come out of this complicated #dynamics of decision making.I’ve found this exercise to be highly useful.

I found this habit has made me little more# productive.I have become wise I concentrate on action of task if it is replying particular #email or eating certain food and many more.

Moral- One must avoid life’s drama of decision making and must# minimize the number of times  making decisions every day. It saves ones lot of energy.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK 1986


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Sukarma Thareja


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