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Implications of Genetic Scissors

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I was teaching science in school. Doing science arts writing is my passion.I wrote poem#”Genetic Scissors” and pasted on notice board.I am listing below  the same poem.

Genetic Scissors 

Dear genetic scissors,
Dear genetic scissors,
You are not ordinary tailor scissors,
You edit DNA genes,
So special are your works,
So are motives of your works,
For welfare of mankind and plant life,
Please set out in your soul searching,
As your right use, coming time is also searching,
My friend genetic scissors!

When used precisely; you have lot of# potentials,
To transform human and all #other life forms,
To correct #deformities of DNA genes,
You can cut and paste genes,
You open up possibilities of #design babies,
You can bring #cosmetic perfections,
Please set out in your #soul searching,
Your right use; coming time is also searching,
My friend# genetic scissors!
Dr Sukarma Rani Thareja,
Associate Professor-Retired
CSJM University
Alumnus IIT-K-1986, Ph.D(Chemistry)

Many good students approached me for discussion. I explained students how length of tolmere-part of gene of ones DNA, present on tip of gene play important role in curing cancer.Same genetic Scissors has capacity to make changes in DNA and has the potential to push humans towards #immortality.Many trials are being made  for implementing this research as# medical procedure.Let us hope soon we will be successful.
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