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Are you pursueing Lawful Activity?

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My friend Nisha’s daughter Radha took admission in #engineering college thinking that this education degree will fetch her good salary. But she was very good in# fine arts. She used to do that very often as and when she got time. Radha  soon realized that fine arts make her happy.After doing engineering she persuaded fine arts. She got many good #opportunities to do so. 

Radha soon realized one  can do anything in this world that one really want to do.

Radha got married .Her in laws were good but they always thought it is good that Radha# fetch job on bases of engineering degree and pursue her career in this. But Radha wanted to pursue fine arts. She did so. She is doing well in fine arts job. She soon realized one doesn’t have to do anything in this world that one doesn’t really want to do.

Friends it is good to do activity what one wishes to do.But activity should be #lawful activity. I know students in my institute who have skill of doing# unlawful activity like #hacking any computer system.I always sincerely advice these students just because they can do something #unlawful, doesn’t mean they must do that.They must understand that Institute  makes one capable, so that one could become good# citizens of country. So it is not advisable for students do any# unlawful activity. This is not going to make students life meaningful and country will not get any positive from their doing so.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


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Sukarma Thareja


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