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The land of snow

Amidst the land of ice and snow, where mysteries and wonders gently flow. North and south hold secrets grand,  poles of beauty; the mysterious land.

The north casts a magical trance, as auroras flow and gracefully dance. Violet, pink and shades of green, a celestial wonder; a sightful scene.

In the south where silence reigns, runs a kingdom white; of untouched plains. Glacial majesty and stillness profound, where nature’s voice is softly found.

The north and south; worlds apart, yet bound together by the nature’s art. A masterpiece of shadows and light, captivating hearts day and night.

But the light faded, and shadows hushed, as the warming winds reached the kingdom untouched. Poles once icy now drift apart, Once masterpiece; now a broken art.

So hear the call that nature sends. preserve the painting of icy blends. For nature’s harmony let thy hands extend, to reverse the curse; of the frozen ends.

~Shrikant K.

Shrikant KagdelwarLast Seen: Aug 25, 2023 @ 8:00am 8AugUTC

Shrikant Kagdelwar


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