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Your Dream Is Not Complete

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The first day you come out of the womb is the day you started being the struggler.

*You don’t think much of the stress because you’re just a simple minded infant. You say, “Oh wow! This is life. This is so beautiful 😍❤️,” but then you realize how naive you were.*

📌📌 After about twenty-three years you started doubting your humanity with the ‘why am I here?’ thinking syndrome.

📌📌 But the only problem is: NOBODY KNOWS. Not even your mum. Your dad. Your siblings. Your pastors. And or even yourself.

So what can we do?


Yes! Read that again. There’s fucking ‘nothing’ we can do.

*But should we loose hope? 🤔🤔*

📌📌 Hell no! 

All we just have to do is to assume and accept that *Your Dream Is Not Complete™* even if you’re such a genius of an heavenly mindset.

*And before you go all out heaven-must turn-loose mountain-must-come-down fighting-your-dream-for-you collapsing-the-wall-binding-your-goals stanza ground I might as well warn you: JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVEN’T ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS DOES NOT ‘DISQUALIFY’ ANYONE FROM BEING AMONG THE TOP 20 BEAUTY PEASANT. SO STOP PUSHING YOURSELF HARD 💪💯.*

And today is Monday anyway…

…have a beautiful week 🥰🥰🥰


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