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Please don’t go

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When you came into my life

You brightened it like a candle

When you were with me

Every situation I could handle.

I never knew that you were so important

 Until I experienced the fear of losing you

And now when I look back at life

You have made it completely new.

I never wanted and will never want

 To lose someone so much special

You had become a part of me

For existence which is very crucial.

Oh dear friend!!! Please don’t even try

To leave me alone in life’s middle

Not at all when for me

The reason is a riddle.

I don’t know why yours going away

Hurts me more than a wound by dagger

 But the thing I only know is that

 Without you I am as incomplete as a bird without feather

Saumya ChauhanLast Seen: Aug 10, 2023 @ 9:17am 9AugUTC

Saumya Chauhan


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