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A horrible ill-treatment to an innocent customer from a Chinese buffet restaurant owner

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A horrible ill-treatment to an innocent customer from a Chinese buffet restaurant owner

I started living in the US two years ago. 

During these two years, I was well greeted and served by all local stores and Mexican stores, except one restaurant owned and operated by the Chinese Mainlanders, which turned my happy life here into a nightmare.

I entered the Buffet restaurant at 11:30am. Once I sat down, I clearly watched the clock in the restaurant and it struck at 11:30am. The restaurant opened at 11a.m. One of the staff welcomed me and arranged a table for me. I then started eating till 2pm. The owner of the restaurant suddenly came to my table and said to me:” you have stayed too long. You should leave”.  I replied: “Your restaurant leaflet on the entrance window clearly states that the lunch buffet time is from 11:30am till 3:30pm. Why should I leave at only 2pm?There are many empty tables around and we haven’t finished our lunch yet.” He said, “then it is difficult for us to do the business if you occupy the seat for so long.” I believed that it is an offense to have that request to the customers. I started to argue with them about their unfair treatment to  his supportive customers who have come for around eight times in two months ,introducing them to their friends and inviting them to dine here “Then why did you put the buffet time till 3:30 pm.” I found it dishonest and unfair to customers in running the buffet business not according to the promised time to the customers. He shouted that we are all people from China and I took it as an insult and as I am not. Then the police came. The police officers also came to my table and talked to me. What I can hear clearly is that they requested me to leave and I asked them for the reason and they said the Owner doesn’t want me to stay any longer. I told them to look at the restaurant leaflet on the main door window about the buffet time and believe that I have the right as a customer to finish my eating before 3:30p.m, rather than to leave at once. But the officers didn’t go and check or further explain to me why I must leave. I was asking and waiting for the reason,but one of the officers quickly pulled me up and handcuffed my both hands to my back. I am just a customer eating inside the restaurant and ready to leave and pay for the bill, doing nothing bad. But they charged me with trespassing and sent me to the Detention Center .

This horrible ill-treatment to an innocent customer and residence by the restaurant and the Police is really shocking to me. 

I share this to safeguard the safety of customers and honesty of the business in the US, especially those with the name buffet which states clearly the buffet hours.


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