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Are You Fond of Indian Curry?

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India is a vast# country.It has many states.Each state is
 unique in its#  traditions and very importantly in
 food curries.Food is still a very important activity
 of #woman in India .Food #diversity in India is absolutely
 mind-boggling so is Indian curries.
I am fond of cooking.Being chemistry teacher I enjoy making
 my own recepies and I also  do try them as and when I get
 time.  We Indian make different type of curries.We friends
 some time  do discuss  different curries, different curries  
or #gravies in our Indian
 cooking methods..My  friend Asha
wanted me to write number
of different curries
in form of little #article so that she
 could send the same
to her daughter living in #USA. I wrote
 short summary
of different Indian curries.My submission
 is following
 The #Western and outside world thinks Indian curry is
 just one #reddish oily one, either it is veg or# nonveg.

But it is not so. We have the following types of curries,
 depending on the main# ingredients.Few I am listing below.

1.Regular ground onion, red chillies, tomato curry..
 Like in chicken curry

2.Mashed lentils (dhals) chilly powder, tamarind gravy
.. Like in #sambaar

3.Plain mashed dhal with red chillies and ghee…
as in# dhal tadka

4.Onion, green chillies, tomato curry.. Tomato gravy
 for rice and# chapathis

5.Onion, chilly powder, tomato curry..
 Like in potato -# peas gravy

6.Onion, chilly powder, tamarind curry.. 
As in Chennai dish# kara kuzhambu or Madras spicy red gravy

7.Onion, green chillies, coconut paste curry..
 Like in# kurumas, Kerala gravies

8.Red chillies, tamarind, coconut curry..
 Like# Mangalore gravies

9.Onion, chillies, cashew/almond paste,/cream curry..
 Like #Lucknowy and Kashmiri curries

10.Bengal gram green chillies ground together with curd added
 last…#Tamil butter milk gravy

11.Bengal gram powder, curd, green chillies curry…
 As in # Punjabi kadi

12.Onion, black pepper and tamarind curry..
 Milagu kozhambu..#Tamilian pepper gravy,

Moral of Story-Friends We need one chilly/ pepper type,
 one base and one #sour  balancer or sweet balancer.

The base can be onion,cooked dhal, #bengal gram paste,
 ground coconut,tomato, curds, tamarind, 
fresh cream, almond or cashew or# poppy seeds.
Sukarma Thareja
Alumnus IITK

Web site-sukarma thareja

 e Mail-[email protected]

Her academic venture  as an artist and photographer has featured in the form of book(paper back)

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