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Milyin is one of the best ways to earn money by writing essays; it has instant sign-up and making money. At the same time, iWrite Essay is best to get paid to write articles on a very close-knit community. WordPress is best for writing blogs on your website.

There are a lot of writing platforms, but none of them are genuinely helpful for essay writers. Some lack proper monetization, others are hard to use, and others may lack relevant features. Worry not. I’ve handpicked the seven best ways to get paid to write essays. The research was based on ease of use, earning potential, setup, and more. 

Make Money By Writing Essays

Get Paid to Write EssaysEarning PotentialEase of WritingFreedom to Write EssaysLink
MilyinVery HighVery GoodVery GoodMilyin
iWriteEssaysVery HighVery GoodGoodiWriteEssays
BuzzfeedHighGoodVery GoodBuzzfeed
MediumHighVery GoodGoodMedium
Academic Writers OnlineVery GoodVery GoodGoodAcademic Writers Online

Editor’s Pick

If you are looking for a balanced option to get paid to write blogs, Milyin is an ideal choice. Straightforward setup, has no joining fees, and supports all niches and topics. You can start to earn money from Day 1 on Milyin, making it an ideal website for writing essays.

1) Milyin

Milyin is best website for write great essays covering various topics and earn money. At Milyin, you start earnin from Day 1, and can withdraw income whenever you want.

Milyin is a new and upcoming platform that empowers Creators and gives everyone the ability to comfortably create high-quality content. At Milyin, you can write on your favorite topics and start generating income on Day 1 with ease.

It is free to join and is available for all. The easy-to-use writing tools are also a great choice for beginners and inexperienced users. You can create content and utilize its automation tools to insert advertisements in your content. You earn whenever your audience naturally does an ad and click on your Creation. Within a few days, you can start earning significant income.


  • Creation Tools: Allows you to add disclaimers, thumbnails, descriptions, table of contents, and other features to allow effortless essay writing.
  • Content: Apart from writing content, you may insert images, videos, tables, lists, containers, embed Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more.
  • Earnings and Withdrawals: You will start earning directly from Day 1 and will be able to withdraw your earnings once your cross the $1 threshold.
  • Socialization: It lets you socialize with other Creators and audiences on the platform. You can chat, follow, and socialize with others easily.
Allows you to withdraw earnings directly on Day 1.Does not have a native app for iOS.
Gives you complete control over ad placement and styling. 
Easily engage and interact with other Creators at Milyin. 

Link: https://milyin.com/

Why is Milyin the right place for you?

Milyin is the best place to make money by writing essays, as it has the best monetization scheme. You can discover your favorite content via hashtags and follow your favorite Creators to stay updated with their latest stories, quotes, poems, and more.

2) iWriteEssays

iWriteEssays is best for finding clients and writing essays according to their schedule and requirements.

iWriteEssays is a great place for publishers as well as writers who love well-written essays. It provides essays in English with support for region-specific requirements. It is ideal for skilled writers who can easily pass their strict grammar tests and can become successful writers. 

You will get access to a wide variety of orders with great pay. The experience and knowledge gained through this freelancing is immensely valuable. As you learn, familiarize yourself, and grow on this platform, you will be promoted to higher levels with higher bonuses, more orders, and various other perks.


  • Skill Building: It helps build your skills for writing content specific to various countries and regions. This skill can be critical in becoming a long-term essay writer.
  • Income: With iWriteEssays, you get paid to write essays on a cost-per-page basis. Costs are generally in the range of $7.5 per page.
  • Bonus: Writers with quality work and a high number of order completion are rewarded with an additional bonus.
Top essay writers are recognized on their sites and given huge social publicity.Relatively hard-to-use user interface and design.
With a continuous supply of orders, you get to make money by writing articles consistently. 
Helps you gain experience in working with various formats, styling, and paper types. 

Link: https://www.iwriteessays.com/

3) Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is best for writing digitial essays and content on modern day topics. 

Buzzfeed is an ideal platform to make money by writing essays, as it accepts cultural criticisms, personal essays, news, and various other forms of content. It has a simple and straightforward process, wherein you simply have to pitch them your idea by mail.

If they like your ideas, you get published on Buzzfeed, which is one of the most reputable websites on the internet. They have some of the highest payout rates for approved essays, making them one of the best ways to get paid to write essays online.


  • Reputation: As one of the largest content-driven websites on the internet, your content will very easily rank in Google searches and will popularize your name.
  • Personal Stories: It lets you share personal stories and share your own experiences in the form of essays.
Helps build social recognition.Very low essay approval rate.
One of the highest earnings for writing essays. 
No signups, registration, or tests needed. 

4) Medium

Medium is best for seamlessly connecting with your target audience. Its intuitive interface provides helps you craft content that resonates with your readers. 

Medium is a prime platform tailored for accomplished writers aiming to cultivate a dedicated following. With its user-friendly interface and a wide variety of content creation options, it offers the perfect environment to thrive as a renowned author. It can serve as your pathway to both literary recognition and financial gains.

The platform compensates essay writers based on readers’ time spent consuming your articles and the conversion of non-paying visitors into subscribed members. This dual approach to earning potential ensures that your dedication to producing quality content is duly rewarded.


  • Creator Hub: The creator hub is an ideal place to learn concepts of content creation and gain valuable insights to become a better essay writer.
  • Income: When you make money by writing essays, your income can be easily withdrawn to your preferred payment method.
  • Interact: It has one of the largest audience bases among all the platforms, allowing it to easily 
Best-in-class app for Android and iOSTakes consistency to become eligible for their Paid Partner Program.
Great place to build a reputation and become popular as an essay writer. 
Robust interface to add content, formatting, styling, and media. 

Link: https://medium.com

5) AcademicWritersOnline

AcademicWritersOnline is best for writers seeking to earn money by crafting essays online.

AcademicWritersOnline offers a variety of features and a user-centric approach making it a compelling choice for aspiring freelance writers and seasoned professionals alike. By blending a streamlined interface, competitive compensation, and an array of opportunities, AcademicWritersOnline emerges as the ultimate platform for harnessing your writing skills to generate income.

Writers are rewarded with competitive pay rates, often exceeding industry standards, and can earn more based on the complexity and length of projects. The platform facilitates direct and seamless communication between writers and clients, ensuring clear instructions and minimizing misunderstandings.


  • Vast Pool of Projects: AcademicWritersOnline offers a diverse range of writing assignments across various subjects and academic levels, ensuring a consistent flow of opportunities.
  • Flexible Work Schedule: Enjoy the freedom to choose assignments that align with your availability, allowing you to strike a harmonious balance between work and personal commitments.
  • Supportive Community: Engage with a vibrant community of writers and editors, fostering collaboration, sharing insights, and enhancing your writing skills.
You get to choose from a diverse project pool.High competition for top-value projects.
Benefit from constructive feedback and guidance from experienced editors for refining your work 
Automated and smooth functioning financial systems ensure on-time payments. 

Link: https://academicwritersonline.com/

6) Writer’s Work

Writer’s Work is best for working with high-profile clients on a per-gig basis and earning a lot of revenue.

Writer’s Work is a marketplace for big companies and companies to find quality essay writers to meet their needs. You can earn money by writing essays for a variety of clients across niches of your choice.

It has an initial signup fee, but once you become a user, you can exclusively access some of the most well-paying essay writing gigs. Once you build a reputation on Writer’s Work, you start getting consistent work and will be able to make a lot of money by writing essays.


  • Complete Solution: It manages all your needs, including managing projects, deadlines, payments, and finding new work.
  • Training: You are provided with the knowledge base, training material, and writing tools to help you create better content and improve as a writer.
  • Content Variety: You can get paid to write game reviews, articles, essays, medium posts, comics, stories, and various other forms of content.
The hassle-free content editor ensures you never need a 3rd-party app for your tasks.No free plan
Easily keep track of assignments and ensure no careless oversights. 
Allows businesses to discover you through a freelance marketplace. 

Link: https://writers.work/

7) Upwork

Upwork is best for earning money by writing essays as an independent freelance writer.

Upwork is a great place to find clients that you would like to work with. Unlike other platforms, clients don’t choose you. Instead, you get the chance to choose your clients. It is a place where clients from all over the world, across many languages, styles, and requirements.

It is a great way to stay entertained and write something new every day in the form of essays. This is a flexible way to write essays and earn money. You can take up more assignments when you need cash and slow down when bored.


  • Writing and Translation: Upwork’s diverse landscape of freelancing means that you get a variety of opportunities in content writing and translations.
  • Content: Even in writing, you can create essays, resumes, blogs, articles, news journals, and various other forms of content.
  • Guidance: Provides proper guidance to build skills and professional tips to help you find your clients and relevant work.
Automatically handles all client payments and communications.Takes time to build a reputation for getting orders.
Protects you from any unfair demands from clients. 
Helps build a portfolio of essay writing for top clients. 

Link: https://www.upwork.com/freelance-jobs/essay-writing/

FAQs – Write Essays and Earn Money

How to make money by writing Essays?

To make money by essay writing, you must rely on some of the top writing platforms. The key parameters to choosing these platforms are:

  • Freedom to Write: You must always choose platforms that provide a great deal of freedom to create essays on topics and genres of your choice.
  • Approvals: Many platforms have strict reviews and evaluations before your essays are allowed to get published. It is best to choose a platform with the highest approval changes.
  • Earning Potential: It is in your best interest to choose platforms that have the highest overall earning potential and give you huge opportunities in the long run.
  • Ease of Writing: You should go for platforms that have proper ease of writing, with tools that assist you in creating and managing your essays.


What are the best ways to earn money by writing Essays in 2023?

Some of the best platforms to write articles and earn money are:

  1. Milyin
  2. iWriteEssays
  3. Buzzfeed
  4. Medium
  5. Academic Writers


Conclusion – Get Paid To Write Essays

So, we’ve shown you some of the best ways to make money by writing essays. You can’t really go wrong with any of these. But, to ease your decision-making, we will be providing you with our expected recommendations.

Best forWays to Write Essays and Earn Money
Best for high earning potential for writing essaysMilyin
Best for finding quality clients to write essays and earn moneyiWriteEssays

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