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Ocean’s Symphony: A poem on Ocean

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In the vast expanse, where waters meet the sky,
A world of harmony, where Ocean’s symphony lies,
A symphony of unity, where elements combine,
In the heart of the sea, a concert so divine.

Oh, Ocean vast, your essence pure and free,
A symphony of life, a chorus of the sea,
With every ebb and flow, you orchestrate,
A timeless rhythm, where destinies await.

In twilight’s embrace, you shimmer and glow,
A symphony of luminescence, in evening’s show,
In the moon’s soft light, you gracefully sway,
A celestial ballad, where notes gently play.

You carry the voices of the ocean’s choir,
A symphony of creatures, each with its own desire,
In your gentle waves, harmonies entwine,
A melodic tapestry, where life’s rhythms align.

Oh, Ocean’s heart, a symphony of emotion,
A symphony of feelings, in every motion,
From the smallest ripple to the grandest whale,
Your melodious ensemble, a mesmerizing tale.

In tranquil moments, you serenade with peace,
A symphony of calmness, where tensions cease,
In the whispered echoes of the breeze,
A soothing cadenza, where worries find release.

Yet, in your symphony, a plea does rise,
A symphony of balance, where harmony lies,
With every swell and rush, you implore,
A call for conservation, for our planet to restore.

Oh, Ocean’s plea, we’ll heed your call,
A symphony of action, to protect one and all,
In unity, we’ll cherish your majestic art,
Preserving your symphony, a masterpiece from the start.

In every note, a story to embrace,
A symphony of existence, a magical place,
From shore to horizon, a timeless decree,
In the Ocean’s symphony, we find our harmony.

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