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Ocean’s Euphoria: A poem on Ocean


16th October 2023 | 30 Views

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Beneath the endless sky, where seagulls glide,
A realm of ecstasy, where Ocean’s dreams reside,
A symphony of euphoria, a jubilant refrain,
In the heart of the sea, joy dances unrestrained.

Oh, Ocean vast, your spirit soars high,
A symphony of elation, where bliss can’t deny,
With every crest and surge, you exult,
A rhapsody of happiness, in every tumult.

In twilight’s embrace, you gleam with delight,
A symphony of radiance, in the fading light,
In the moon’s enchantment, you rejoice,
A celestial ballad, where elation finds voice.

You carry the laughter of creatures at play,
A symphony of merriment, throughout the day,
In your buoyant waves, jubilation flows,
A jubilee of life, where exuberance glows.

Oh, Ocean’s heart, a sanctuary of glee,
A symphony of jubilation, where spirits break free,
From the coral reefs to the ocean floor,
Your elated embrace, a celebration encore.

In euphoric moments, you mirror the sun,
A symphony of exultation, where hearts are won,
In the breeze-kissed laughter of the breeze,
A symphonic carnival, where joy runs free.

Yet, in your euphoria, a plea does sound,
A symphony of balance, where ecstasies abound,
With every ripple and happy tide,
A call for harmony, in joy and in stride.

Oh, Ocean’s plea, we’ll honor your cheer,
A symphony of gratitude, drawing near,
In unity, we’ll revel and preserve,
Preserving your euphoria, with love to preserve.

In every crest, a moment of delight,
A symphony of felicity, shining so bright,
From shore to horizon, a blissful decree,
In the Ocean’s euphoria, we find harmony.

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