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Amidst the canvas of blue, where horizons blend,
A world of wonder, where Ocean’s verses ascend,
A symphony of poetry, where words take flight,
In the heart of the sea, a poet’s delight.

Oh, Ocean vast, your words run deep,
A symphony of emotions, in your verses we steep,
With every whisper and roar, you convey,
A lyrical cadence, as the waves play.

In twilight’s embrace, you paint with hues,
A symphony of colors, where dreams fuse,
In the moon’s spotlight, you compose,
A celestial ode, where enchantment arose.

You carry the stories of the ages past,
A symphony of history, where memories last,
In your ancient depths, tales are inscribed,
A poetic anthology, where dreams reside.

Oh, Ocean’s heart, a sonnet divine,
A symphony of life, where verses align,
From the seashells’ whispers to the seagull’s song,
Your poetic ensemble, forever strong.

In tranquil moments, you rhyme with grace,
A symphony of serenity, where hearts embrace,
In the whispered verses of the gentle breeze,
A poet’s reverie, where inspiration frees.

Yet, in your verses, a plea is sung,
A symphony of awareness, where hopes are strung,
With changing tides and warming trends,
A call for stewardship, to make amends.

Oh, Ocean’s plea, we’ll hear your call,
A symphony of action, to safeguard all,
In unity, we’ll stand with artistry in sway,
Preserving your poetic beauty, day by day.

In every line, a story finds voice,
A symphony of expression, where hearts rejoice,
From shore to horizon, a poet’s decree,
In the Ocean’s poetry, we find harmony.

Poem PodLast Seen: Nov 25, 2023 @ 5:26am 5NovUTC

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