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In the timeless embrace, where worlds collide,
A realm of eternity, where Ocean’s secrets reside,
A symphony of ages, a tale never to end,
In the heart of the sea, a saga to transcend.

Oh, OOcean’s Eoncean vast, your spirit ever young,
A symphony of endurance, where time is sung,
With every ripple and surge, you endure,
An eternal rhythm, forever pure.

In twilight’s hues, you paint with grace,
A symphony of colors, a celestial embrace,
In the moon’s tender glow, you serenade,
A cosmic ballad, where dreams cascade.

You carry the echoes of forgotten days,
A symphony of echoes, where history plays,
In your deep abyss, relics find solace,
An ancient anthology, where time does trace.

Oh, Ocean’s heart, a witness to birth,
A symphony of life, where every soul finds worth,
From the smallest plankton to the grandest leviathan,
Your unending orchestral ensemble, a timeless hymn.

In tranquil moments, you find your reprieve,
A symphony of serenity, where hearts believe,
In the whispered lullabies of the breeze,
An everlasting cadence, where peace finds ease.

Yet, in your eon, a plea is entwined,
A symphony of preservation, where hope is defined,
With every ebb and flow, you decree,
A call for conservation, a vow to decree.

Oh, Ocean’s plea, we’ll honor your plea,
A symphony of commitment, through land and sea,
In unity, we’ll cherish your enduring grace,
Preserving your eon, for every future embrace.

In every ripple, a story of time,
A symphony of infinity, a rhythm divine,
From shore to horizon, an eternal decree,
In the Ocean’s eon, we find our eternity.

Poem PodLast Seen: Nov 25, 2023 @ 5:26am 5NovUTC

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