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Ocean’s Reverence: A poem on Ocean #-8

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Beneath the endless sky, where waves unite,
A world of reverence, where Ocean’s wonders ignite,
A symphony of awe, a sacred melody,
In the heart of the sea, a hymn of serenity.

Oh, Ocean vast, your majesty profound,
A symphony of grandeur, where beauty is found,
With every surge and swell, you inspire,
An eternal rhythm, igniting desire.

In twilight’s embrace, you shimmer with grace,
A symphony of luminance, a celestial embrace,
In the moon’s gentle glow, you mesmerize,
A divine sonata, where spirits arise.

You carry the echoes of ancient times,
A symphony of history, where tales chime,
In your timeless embrace, cultures convene,
A sacred tapestry, where reverence is seen.

Oh, Ocean’s heart, a sanctuary of the soul,
A symphony of reverence, where spirits console,
From the tiniest seashell to the grandest whale,
Your reverent embrace, a celestial trail.

In tranquil moments, you bring solace,
A symphony of stillness, where souls find a place,
In the whispered melodies of the breeze,
A sacred harmony, where worries find release.

Yet, in your grandeur, a plea resounds,
A symphony of preservation, where harmony abounds,
With every whisper and ethereal tide,
A call to protect, a vow to abide.

Oh, Ocean’s plea, we’ll heed your call,
A symphony of gratitude, standing tall,
In unity, we’ll cherish and preserve,
Preserving your reverence, with love and verve.

In every wave, a moment to adore,
A symphony of divinity, forevermore,
From shore to horizon, a sacred decree,
In the Ocean’s reverence, we find harmony.

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