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Ocean’s Euphony: A Ocean Poem #-6

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Poem PodLast Seen: Nov 25, 2023 @ 5:26am 5NovUTC

Beneath the endless sky, where seagulls glide,
A realm of splendor, where Oceans collide,
A symphony of waves, a dance so free,
In the heart of the sea, a harmony we see.

Oh, Ocean vast, your depths unfurled,
A symphony of life, a majestic world,
With every ebb and flow, you sway,
A timeless rhythm, night and day.

In twilight’s embrace, you shimmer bright,
A symphony of luminescence, a dazzling sight,
In the stars’ reflection, you gently glisten,
A celestial ballad, where dreams will listen.

You carry the echoes of ages gone by,
A symphony of echoes, where echoes lie,
In your timeless whispers, tales unfold,
A treasure trove of history, yet to be told.

Oh, Ocean’s soul, a sanctuary of dreams,
A symphony of peace, where tranquility streams,
From the coral reefs to the ocean floor,
In your nurturing arms, life finds encore.

In tranquil moments, you mirror the moon,
A symphony of serenity, where spirits commune,
In the moonlit glow, you softly hum,
A cosmic symphony, where all hearts become one.

Yet, in your depths, a plea does resound,
A symphony of urgency, a call profound,
With warming waters and plastic tide,
A plea for healing, for oceans worldwide.

Oh, Ocean’s plea, we’ll embrace your call,
A symphony of unity, to protect and install,
In harmony, we’ll stand, side by side,
Preserving your majesty, with love as our guide.

In every crest, a story’s at play,
A symphony of nature, come what may,
From shore to horizon, a celestial decree,
In the Ocean’s euphony, we find harmony.

Poem PodLast Seen: Nov 25, 2023 @ 5:26am 5NovUTC

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