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Ocean’s Whispers: A Ocean Poem #-5

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Beneath the sun’s golden rays, a world lies,
A symphony of whispers, where Ocean sighs,
A captivating rhythm, both gentle and wild,
In the heart of the deep, a story compiled.

Oh, Ocean vast, your secrets profound,
A symphony of depths, where treasures are found,
With every ebb and flow, you embrace,
A tender caress, a lover’s chase.

In twilight’s embrace, you shimmer and gleam,
A symphony of shimmer, like a timeless dream,
In the moon’s glow, you dance and sway,
A celestial waltz, in the night’s display.

You carry the tales of journeys afar,
A symphony of adventures, beneath every star,
In your blue expanse, explorers confide,
A timeless atlas, where tales reside.

Oh, Ocean’s heart, a cradle of life,
A symphony of beings, from smallest to rife,
From the tiny plankton to giants that roam,
Your orchestral ensemble, a symphony of home.

In the night’s allure, you call and entice,
A symphony of enchantment, where mysteries splice,
With every splash and splash, you converse,
A soothing lullaby, a cosmic verse.

Yet, in your embrace, a plea is conveyed,
A symphony of urgency, that mustn’t fade,
With rising tides and warming seas,
A cry for protection, a call for peace.

Oh, Ocean’s plea, we’ll heed your cry,
A symphony of action, as time goes by,
In harmony, we’ll stand and embrace,
Preserving your beauty, with love and grace.

In every crest, a story unfolds,
A symphony of wonders, both new and old,
From shore to horizon, a sacred place,
In the Ocean’s whispers, we find our grace.

Poem PodLast Seen: Nov 25, 2023 @ 5:26am 5NovUTC

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