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Celestial Rhapsody: A Ocean Poem #-3

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Beneath the stars’ ethereal glow,
Where moonlit waves gently flow,
A celestial rhapsody, a symphony grand,
In the heart of the Ocean, a masterpiece planned.

Oh, Ocean’s soul, your depths run wide,
A symphony of mysteries, where wonders hide,
With each rise and fall, you embrace,
A cosmic dance, a heavenly chase.

In twilight’s veil, you shimmer and gleam,
A symphony of light, like a timeless dream,
In the stars’ embrace, you whisper and sigh,
A celestial serenade, as constellations fly.

You carry the songs of ancient skies,
A symphony of legends, where myths arise,
In your endless blue, galaxies spin,
A celestial canvas, where the heavens begin.

Oh, Ocean’s heart, your rhythm beats,
A symphony of life, where every soul meets,
From the tiniest plankton to giants of the deep,
Your orchestral harmony, a rhythm to keep.

In the night’s embrace, you cast your spell,
A symphony of enchantment, where dreams dwell,
With each crashing wave and gentle breeze,
A celestial rhapsody, the soul appease.

But in your majesty, a message rings,
A symphony of warning, the truth it sings,
With rising temperatures and melting ice,
A plea for stewardship, a call to be wise.

Oh, Ocean’s plea, we’ll hear your plea,
A symphony of action, to set us free,
In harmony, we’ll strive and abide,
Preserving your beauty, with every stride.

In every ripple, a cosmic verse,
A symphony of creation, an eternal curse,
From shore to horizon, a celestial embrace,
In the Ocean’s rhapsody, we find our grace.

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