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Tides of Time: a Ocean Poem #-2

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Upon the shore, where land meets foam,
A timeless dance, the Ocean’s poem,
In tides of time, a symphony plays,
A never-ending melody, through nights and days.

Oh, Ocean vast, your heart runs deep,
A symphony of emotions, secrets to keep,
With each ebb and flow, you breathe,
A rhythmic cadence, in every seethe.

In twilight’s glow, your waters gleam,
A symphony of hues, like a cherished dream,
In the moon’s embrace, you serenade,
A mesmerizing sonata, on shores cascade.

You carry the tales of the ancient past,
A symphony of history, that forever will last,
In your currents, echoes of distant lands,
A timeless memoir, written in your sands.

Oh, Ocean’s soul, a canvas for life,
A symphony of creatures, in endless strife,
From the smallest plankton to the giants grand,
Your orchestral ensemble, forever stand.

But with your beauty, a caution calls,
A symphony of warning, before it befalls,
With rising seas and plastic waste,
A plea for harmony, to embrace.

Oh, Ocean’s plea, we’ll hear your cry,
A symphony of action, as time goes by,
In unity, we’ll stand with grace,
Preserving your essence, in every place.

In every crest, a new beginning,
A symphony of resilience, forever spinning,
From shore to horizon, a dance of grace,
In tides of time, we find our place.

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