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Ode to the Eternal Tide: A poem on Ocean #-1

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Upon the shores, where land meets sea,
A tale unfolds, a symphony to decree,
In the eternal tide, a rhythm divine,
A dance of grace, a timeless sign.

Oh, Ocean vast, your soul unbound,
A symphony of depths, where dreams are found,
With every ebb and flow, you sigh,
A soothing lullaby, beneath the sky.

In twilight’s embrace, you gleam with stars,
A symphony of light, where magic mars,
In moonlit glow, you serenade,
A mesmerizing waltz, on shores cascade.

You carry the memories of ages past,
A symphony of history, from first to last,
In your ancient waters, legends reside,
A treasure trove of tales, on every tide.

Oh, Ocean’s heart, your depths conceal,
A symphony of secrets, they do reveal,
From hidden coves to coral reefs,
Nature’s masterpiece, beyond beliefs.

In your embrace, life’s symphony sways,
A harmonious dance, where creatures graze,
From playful dolphins to giants grand,
Your symphonic ensemble, forever stand.

Yet, with your beauty, comes a plea,
A symphony of change, for us to see,
With rising tides and warming seas,
A call to protect, with every breeze.

Oh, Ocean’s plea, we’ll heed your call,
A symphony of hope, for one and all,
In harmony, we’ll stand as one,
Preserving your majesty, till time is done.

In every wave, a new beginning,
A symphony of life, forever spinning,
From shore to horizon, a boundless ride,
In the eternal tide, we’ll forever abide.

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